Where can I buy LAQUA products?

The LAQUA skin care products are easiest available through the online shop. If you wish to touch, smell and feel the products first and maybe to enjoy a complimentary skin consultation, just go to the section Find us. Or you might contact us requesting a free sample delivered to you.

Why water is so important for the skin?

Life is inseparably connected with water, because water is the source of all life. Water serves as a solution transport, coolant and heat storage in our largest human organ - your skin! Beautiful and healthy skin depends on a constant water supply.

What makes LAQUA that special?

LAQUA products are tailored for the needs of consumer living in extreme climates. Their main concerns are dehydrated skin, extreme hot or cold temperatures and environmental issues like sun and pollution. The LAQUA product lines offer customised solutions for these needs.

Where are LAQUA products from?

LAQUA products are carefully manufactured in Switzerland. LAQUA searched for an exclusive source of youth found in the purest form of Glacier water from the Swiss Alps. The elements of the palatial alpine preserve, combined with natural active ingredients and scientific know-how are worked into the luxury skincare collection to refresh, protect and correct your skin

Why is LAQUA’s key ingredient encapsulated Glacier water?

The microscopic form of the Glacier Water enhances the penetration into the skin and offers a long-lasting moisturising action. Water becomes a truly active ingredient. The liposomal form enhances the penetration of water into the skin and offers a long-lasting moisturising action. This results in natural, pure and deep 24h moisturising care, restructuring the natural skin‘s protection system, with the alpine remineralisation revitalising the skin.

Where is the LAQUA Glacier water source located?

It is one of the highest and purest sources of mineral water in Europe, located in Switzerland in the heart of the Valais Alps, near the Matterhorn in Zermatt. The water is impounded at an altitude of 1800 meters , in a designated water protection area, guaranteeing its purity and preserving its natural qualities.

What effects can environmental stress factors and the use of aggressive products have on the skin?

The skin’s elasticity and radiance decrease, dehydration lines can appear and the skin’s sensitivity may increase.

What is the impact on my skin of living in a hot climate?

Heat and humidity can cause sweat resulting in an impure or oily skin with larger pores and blemishes. A proper daily skin care routine including cleansing products is key.

What’s the effect of the exposure to the sun on my skin?

Exposure to the sun’s UV rays is a major cause of premature skin ageing. It generates pigmentation disorders, fine lines and wrinkles. Your day care product should have an UV protection.

What impact do pollution and dust have on my skin?

Environmental impact like pollution and dust can clog your pores. This can be the cause of skin sensitivity, fragility and allergic reactions. A proper daily skin care routine including cleansing products is key.

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