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Experience the scientific break-through in personal skin care to maintain your youth from Switzerland
Dermatologist tested anti-aging treatment proven to reduce the look of lines

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youthful skin

and immediate deep moisturising action
from LAQUA Switzerland.

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Some of the benefits you'll gain from LAQUA

  • Boost your skin’s hydration levels
  • Instantly felt results
  • Minimises appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Restores freshness and radiance
  • Caps provide a hygienic and smart delivery, also for on the go
  • Perfect for any skin type
  • Can be applied over make up

It gives your skin 31 days
of intense hydration

Thirst quencher serum caps

thirst quencher serum Caps – Your skin hydration booster with hyaluron.

Each single dose embodies an intense moisture action with hyaluron serum. Hyaluron ensures a rapid recovery of your skin’s optimal hydration level with added freshness and softness.

Your skin looks firmer, plumped and youthful, while fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed.

LAQUA's innovative ingredients

Swiss Glacier Water

Encapsulated Glacier Water from the Matterhorn is a liposomal preparation with a synergistic combination of lecithin molecules and unique minerals. The ultra thin lecithin capsules transport the alpine moisture with its unique minerals deep into skin to a place where it profits the skin most. The additional benefit is achieved thanks to the minerals, this means, alpine remineralisation and hydration in the deep skin layers – a formula which tones and revitalises and refreshes the complexion.

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Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid)

The Ultimate moisture factor. Immediately effective and long lasting moisturiser, wrinkle-filler, soothing. The biotechnology produced Sodium Hyaluronate possesses high hydrating properties thus, by reducing moisture loss, maintains and attracts water molecules, resulting a smoother, softer skin.

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The Story

LAQUA searched for an exclusive source of youth that can only be found in the purest form of glacier water, kept in a sacred valley high in the Swiss mountain range. Located near Zermatt, 1800-meter above sea level, it is one of the highest and most immaculate and limpid sources of mineral water found in Europe. Here purity and preservation become the core of our skincare products.

LAQUA experts are able to encapsulate the glistening Glacier Water and enhance its efficiency. Water becomes a truly active ingredient. The liposomal form enhances the penetration of water into the skin and offers a long-lasting moisturising action.

Unique benefits of LAQUA Switzerland

Intense moisture action

Deep, long lasting hydration to maintain your skin’s freshness and elasticity with pure, encapsulated Swiss glacier water.


Unique light textures

Highest quality lipid emulsions create that perfect feeling on your skin and ensure best comfort.


Innovative active natural ingredients

And latest biotechnology based on more than 75 years of know-how ensure efficient results for incomparable skin comfort and ultimate smoothness.

The Science behind

Combining the latest scientific knowledge with the rich heritage of natural resources and premium quality ingredients resulted in LAQUA’s unique premium product line. The innovative products with active natural ingredients were developed over four years of intense collaboration with a state-of-the art R&D department with expertise in biotechnology and more than 75 years of experience in beauty care.

Switzerland has a long tradition of extensive research and development in the cosmetics field and enjoys an excellent reputation throughout the industry.


The Founder of LAQUA

Dominic Bolliger

Swiss Beauty Enthusiast

Dominic fell in love with the mountain scenery surrounding the famous Matterhorn near Zermatt as a young adult. The famous triangle shaped mountain is a worldwide known icon of Switzerland’s natural beauty. The mostly snow covered landscape together with the sharp edges of many 12’000 feet high mountains became his second home. It is his dream to summit the Matterhorn, the one mountain that stands out majestically. A plan, that constantly grows and hopefully once becomes reality.

Inspired by the pureness and perfection by nature, Dominic came up with the idea of creating a beauty care collection that caters the needs of the modern nomads. A busy lifestyle, travelling between extreme climates and being exposed to all sorts of environmental impact plays havoc on the skin. Why not using the pure, mineralised glacier water from the Matterhorn area together with other highly effective natural active ingredients, combining these with the famous Swiss quality and biotechnology to create a tailored beauty collection? His creative spirit and passion for people were helping him on the journey to meet his partners and creating a team, that developed and worked over four years to finalise a duly unique line of products. More than 75 years of experience in beauty care and an R&D department with a state-of-the-art expertise in biotechnology were tapped into. It resulted in LAQUA, born as a premium skin care brand originated in Switzerland. The ultimate beauty care for extreme climates. MORE

What our happy Clients are saying

The product is amazing. I have used other products, but this is fab. The texture and feel … I cannot express.


I think this is a miracle capsules! :-) so far very happy with the results. thank you!


I love this product! I use one capsule every other night and my skin looks and feels great.


Just wanted to let you know that I have loved using the capsules of ‘thirst quencher serum’.
The use of this serum has been wonderful for hydrating my very dry skin. I have actually spent a fortune in life, looking for moisturisers that could hydrate my skin and not leave it feeling dry and I have had to resort to using a night cream in the daytimes, because it is thick and my face doesn’t feel dry. However, my face looks too shiny with this and I didn’t think I had any other choice. Thank you, these capsules have been absolutely wonderful, not only do they hydrate but my skin doesn’t look or feel oily or shiny afterwards – miracle capsules for me!
Thank you


Celebrities using LAQUA


Swiss Beach volleyball world champion

“Perfect for my skin, before and after sport.

Also when travelling between extreme climates.”


Miss Earth India

“A dream. My skin feels so smooth.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes LAQUA so special?
LAQUA is born from the brilliance and quintessence of water. This ensures that your skin is always moisturised, fresh and sublimated.
Does LAQUA have other products as well?
The LAQUA luxury skin care range is designed to actively REFRESH, PROTECT and CORRECT. They enhance the natural moisture balance as well as energise, vitalise and improve your skin’s structure. To find out what skin care ritual is best for you go to the My Skin section on
Are the products safe for my skin?
LAQUA products are developed and manufactured at the highest quality standards, considering international product safety norms and ISO standards in Switzerland.
Can I use the products in various climate zones?
LAQUA products are developed for people who live and travel between extrem climates, suffering from dry skin. Therefore LAQUA skin care products can be used in cold and hot climates.
How does the product work on my skin?
Each single capsule embodies an intense moisture action with hyaluron. Its concentrated form ensures a rapid recovery of your skin’s optimal hydration level with added freshness and softness. Your skin looks firmer, plumped and youthful, while fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed. A unique moisturising experience your skin will cherish, at any time of the day!
How shall I apply the product?
To open, twist off the top of the capsule with dry hands, apply the liquid using the fingers and spread evenly over the face. Can be used daily, or as a cure for intense hydration.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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