Inca Inchi Oil

Inca Inchi Oil

“Sacha Inchi Oil” is called by the natives of Peru, “Mountain Peanut Oil” and thrives in the Peruvian jungle, growing in altitudes ranging from 500 to 1000 meters. The women who live in the Peruvian Andes mix the oil of the plant with flour and use it as a cosmetic as well as an anti‐rheumatic preparation. The valuable oils with their fatty acid spectrum and their actives are very sought after for cosmetic products as they are ideal treatments for dry and mature skin and have as well an excellent anti inflammatory effect. The alpha linolenic acids are extremely cell regenerating and cell activating, thereby increasing skin elasticity. Due to its low percentage of saturated fat it also reduces leathery skin conditions.

No Animal Testing

No Paraben

No Animal Derivates

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