Extracted from Salicornia herbacea Hydrasalinol is an oily extract obtained by CO2 subcritical extraction of Salicornia herbacea. Salicornia is a genus of succulent, halophyte (salt tolerant) plants that grow in salt marshes, on beaches, and among mangroves. Common names for the genus include glasswort, pickleweed, and marsh samphire; these common names are also used for some species not in Salicornia. Salicornia species are native to North America, Europe, South Africa, and South Asia. Salicorne is a hardy coastal plant that has developed specific adaptations enabling it to grow on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts alike, in soils with a low to very high salt content. This extraordinary capacity for adaptation is linked to the presence of water and ammonium ion transporters, which play an essential role in protecting the plant from dehydration and the high salt content of their environment.

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